A Salt Water Hot Tub?

Those that know me, know that I love my hot tub. After a long day it’s great to jump in, have a beer and catch up on some TV news. Sometimes on the weekend, I like to go out in the morning with a cup of coffee. Just relaxing and soaking – heaven!

But what I don’t like about my Hot Tub is dealing with chlorine or bromine chemicals all the time – yuck! A friend of mine has a Salt Water pool and loves it. Salt is made up of Sodium (Na)and Chlorine (Cl) making the compound NaCl. Salt water pools have a mechanism for naturally separating the Chlorine from the salt to chlorinate and maintain your pool.

This got me thinking, if it’s out there for pools, it must be available for Spas. After a little research, I found the good folks at ControlOmatic: http://www.controlomatic.com They make the ColorChlor and TechniChlor for pools and hot tubs. You simply add salt to your hot tub an immerse it into your hot tub and it starts generation chlorine – nice!

It’s great because salt is much cheaper than chloring, it’s always working to produce fresh chlorine. Plus – and I wasn’t expecting this – the slight salinity the tub has (much less then the ocean) is actual very soothing. Basically I love this thing. Here’s a video:

And now a shameless plug for SWB (of course :-) Notice how the “Buy Now” button takes you right to their website? Plus anywhere this video is embed – Facebook, blogs, etc… this link is traveling with it. Pretty Cool, eh?

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