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Video Marketplace

Most video sites have millions of random videos. How can you break through the noise? Most shopping sites are just images. How can a shopper really see and hear video? The ShopWatchBuy marketplace is unique in that EVERY listing, no just some, has an associated video! Sellers can upload to the video platform (or use an existing YouTube video) and associate any link for the Buy Now Button.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the latest in Internet advertising. That’s because online video lets potential customers see and hear about the product. Video advertising is the best way to inform, engage and attract new customers. Upload or import your video ad today!

Video Shopping

Imagine walking into a store with NO salesperson to help you. That’s what most websites are like with just images and text. At ShopWatchBuy you can watch video of product reviews, product demonstrations or company videos. It’s sort of like QVC or HSN only on the Internet. You can also share videos, leave comments and add favorites. Join today!

Call to Action Button

Visit Store Button

ShopWatchBuy has a custom video player with a Button where you can set the link. The idea is that shoppers can view the video, click the Button and visit your site – now that’s a good click! The great part is that when a video is shared using the ShopWatchBuy player, the Buy Now link travels with. The goal is to make the Buy Now Button as viral as the video! If you’ve got a blog, facebook or other social media page, you should use the ShopWatchBuy player with a custom Buy Now Button and drive more traffic to your website!


Every ShopWatchBuy account gets a video storefront. A storefront is all your video listings in a single place. Shoppers can find the storefront via site search or the store list. Sellers also get a custom RSS feed AND a vanity URL for their storefront!

RSS Feed icon  RSS Feed

Your storefront includes a custom RSS feed for the products you add to ShopWatchBuy. Every time you add a product video your RSS feed is updated. You can even use a service like TweetFeed to automatically tweet the products form your RSS feed. (We also do this on the ShopWatchBuy twitter account for all video ads :-)

Video Syndication

When you upload your product video to ShopWatchBuy will syndicate the video to our channel on other leading online video sites such as YouTube, Viddler, Daily Motion, Meta-Cafe and the ShopWatchBuy FaceBook page. Videos are syndicated with a description and a shortened URL (see below) for the buy now link. (Please note video syndication is only for uploaded video and not imported YouTube videos)

URL Shortening

ShopWatchBuy has built in URL shortening using our domain. This shortened URL is tied to the product id. For example, a product with an item number of 2049 would have two URL’s:
  • – this is a link to the product page
  • – this is the “Call to Action” link
These shortened URLs are great for viral marketing and social media site like twitter or facebook.

iPad Video

Perhaps you’ve heard all the chatter and hoopla about the iPad not supporting Flash. This is a real problem for most video sites, but not ShopWatchBuy! Since the iPad supports YouTube videos, we leverage this capability to our advantage: ShopWatchBuy prioduct videos are either pulled in from, or syndicated out to YouTube. Either way, we know were your video ad lives on YouTube. When an iPad visitor comes to ShopWatchBuy, we serve up and alternate version of the video that they can watch and viola, even iPad users can watch video!

Free Advertising

ShopWatchBuy has several membership levels from free to Platinum. Each higher level has more storage capacity, streaming bandwidth and additional features (like inclusion in our AdWords campaigns). However, the free account includes a storefront, URL shortening and custom Buy Now links. All of these features are great for free advertising and viral marketing.

Viral Marketing and Viral Video

By now most people know what viral marketing and viral video are, but don’t have the tools or know how to monetize on viral marketing. ShopWatchBuy can help with our innovative features such as our custom video player, Buy now link, URL shortening, Video Syndication and RSS feeds. On most video sites, when people share a video, the player only includes the video. There no product information and no LINK back to YOUR site. Using the ShopWatchBuy video player, wherever the video goes, the buy now link goes!

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